Trouble follows Chris Brown like itching follows crabs, once again a negative spotlight has descended on pop’s biggest super douche.

Poor little Kylie Jenner took precious time away from pouting for selfie pics to attend a Brown show in Anaheim, California at the weekend.
A fun night seemed in store for the big-boobed wonder, her boyfriend Tyga was scheduled to perform onstage with Brown. However, Jenner was attacked by an unidentified Brown fan in a random attack.

The model had her hair yanked her hair as she tried to leave the concert venue. Click here to see some footage from the attack.

Kylie was holding hands with her lover man Tyga when the assault occurred. Not that he seemed to notice.

After yelping in pain, a security guard stepped in to rush Jenner away. We think the big guy should have let things develop just a little more, the attacker was probably just a scripted cast member for the Kardashian show trying to add some fake drama.

Kylie was sporting strange new green hair at the concert, perhaps the attacker just thought they were whacking a passing frog.

It is a simple lesson for Kylie to learn, Chris Brown events attract trouble. Stay at home taking those selfies and combing your dad’s new mangina, Kylie. It’s a cruel world out there.

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