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Dai Macedo of Goias, Brasil told Huffington Post she trained hard to win the coveted title of the 2013 Miss Bumbum. She said she abstained from nightclubs and sweets, and even went to the gym on the weekends. Her dedicated resulted in her overcoming the other 15 finalists at the last showdown in São Paulo, and now has lucrative endorsements to look forward to, as well as the glory of having the best butt in a country known for beautiful, round, tanned… wait, where were we again?


Apparently, the bum contest is as cutthroat as Chicago politics. Mari Sousa and Eliana Amaral reportedly bribed officials to choose their posteriors as numbers one and two, respectively. Other contestants vocally expressed their outrage at the idea that a butt contest could be bought and sold, accusing these two of not even possession the most beautiful of bottoms in Brazil.

So, really, Macedo’s victory is not just her victory. It’s a victory for us all — a victory for dedication, ambition, truth, justice and the human spirit.

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