Did Obama Corrupt the California Supreme Court And Enrich Members of his Political Party?

This publication and its organization have evidence that links senior members of the US Democratic Party taking colossal bribes from $92 Billion Dollars in assets located in Cyprus, Dubai, Mongolia, China, and Switzerland.

Evidence of Money Laundering between China and California is vast. Whistleblowers at the Los Angeles Sherrif’s Department and even members of the State Bar of California have been gathered together to bring down this criminal House of Cards.

One lawyer Phil Kay was killed defending the rights of gay lawyers embroiled in this conspiracy to usurp our Justice system.

The assets were made up of cash, gold, palatial properties, and precious stones that belonged to former Libyan leader Muammar Ghaddafi.

Obama, Gaddafi shake hands at G8 dinner | Reuters 2009

After Ghaddafi’s bloody killing in 2011 along with many members of his immediate family, the $92 Billion in assets were transferred to the legal custody of Ghaddafi’s longtime banker Raymond Jallow.

Jallow is Lebanese Christian living in Beverly Hills California. Jallow also keeps a home at the Lebanese embassy in Washington DC.

Raymond Jallow – International Money Launderer

Jallow was very close to Gaddafi, who’s ideas on a single African currency backed by African Gold terrified the West. Ghaddafi was one of the World’s richest men with assets totaling over $100 billion dollars that Raymond Jallow was in charge of.

Apparently Jallow also has a penchant for bribery and corruption. Something Jallow was reported doing often with Executives at Occidental Petroleum. Libya’s State oil producer with whom Jallow would often broker self-serving deals on behalf of Ghadaffi’s regime.

After the Gadaffi killings, Jallow distributed these funds to multiple members of the Obama Administration in California, through Thomas Girardi and his corrupt partnerships with Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris (Harris was then-Attorney General for California) taking bribes with Adam Schiff, Darrel Issa, Gavin Newsom et al.

During Barak Obama’s Presidential Administration around Oct 20th, 2011, Muammar Gaddafi and his immediate family were killed in cold blood.

Ghadaffi’s son Mutasin was also eliminated by his father’s killers “in cold blood after they had surrendered” according to survivors /Reuters

In California the joint effort of organized crime and treasonous politics has effectively fully compromised the entire Governorship of the State of California and its Judiciary from the Supreme Court all the way down to State Officials including former Sheriff Leroy Bacca and his Deputy Paul Tanaka. Joe Dunn the former head of the State Bar and former Chief Justice George. “Both summarily ejected with a golden parachute”.

Baca just completed a three-year prison sentence for corruption charges and his deputy Tanaka has just started a five-year sentence. Perhaps Tanaka will squeal and turn State’s witness.

Through the longtime corruption of the Supreme Court of California, Tom Girardi and Harry Reid with Supreme Court Justice George, Joe Dunn (former head of the State Bar), Attorneys Adam Schiff, Gloria Allred, and Michael Avanatti are all now facing racketeering and trafficking charges being prosecuted by an ongoing FBI Investigation at the Special Los Angeles Mission headed by Former Navy Seal, Brian Gilhooly; Recently appointed by FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Thomas V Girardi has been summarily disbarred and is being criminally investigated for multiple felonies including client monies theft, bribery and corruption of the State Bar of California, money laundering and racketeering. The State Bar of California reports to the Supreme Court of California and the Governor sharing equal control over the State Bar with the Justices. An unusual bust, it seemed to work for Harry Reid and Nancy pelosi.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Harry Reid who were “very close friends” – Share the Political Stage.

The Current Supreme Court of California’s Justices are all Tainted with Girardi Cash

Girardi was also at one point the current Governor Gavin Newsom’s biggest financial contributor. Newsom holds very close familial ties with Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Nancy Pelosi has a decades-old relationship with Senator Harry Reid both in California politics and at the very helm of the Senate and Congress in Washington.

Harry Reid died recently. Just before he died, he made sure Tom Girardi got his comeuppance for Reid discovering that Girardi and Baca had cheated Reid of his share on all of Sheriff Baca’s impounded goods. Girardi was also holding back on millions made with Justice George and the Girardi Judges in fixing Justice and rigging cases at several Superior Court Houses including Stanley Mosk Courthouse Downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills Court Houses.

Adam Schiff who was once anointed by Reid to be his literal eyes and ears, ran an illegal wiretapping operation in Chief Sheriff Baca’s offices in Downtown LA.

The operation was moved to the University California at Irvine where millions of Californians were subject toi illegal wiretapping and surveillance.

Ray Jallow banks for both the Joe Biden’s and John Kerry’s Families.

The size of the Californian corruption is staggering. Girardi not only corrupted and fostered Reid and Pelosi’s scams but he exported his criminality to the entire Obama Administration and today’s Governing Democratic Party Administration including Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, her brother in law Tony West and Adam Schiff.

Girardi and Kamala Harris and her brother-in-law Tony West (former head of Treasury under Obama), with Harris as Attorney General took many cuts together from extortion and perversion of the Justice System.

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