Prankster channel TwinzTV set up one hell of prank which has since racked up 250,000 views!

In this episode the joker from the wild YouTube channel pretends to forget his rigged purse as he runs off in a panic.

In reality he’s actually just waiting for his next victim to pounce on his belongings.

Bystanders just can’t resist taking a look inside the unattended bag, and as soon as they do, BANG- the unlucky opportunists are blasted the f*** out of with a tonne of paint!

Curiosity certainty killed the cat this time round!

Our favourite has got to be the dude on the park bench- the explosion almost knocks him out, we reckon he’s still in a daze!

Watch the hilarious clip below, it’ll make you think twice about snooping round people’s shit!

Also we don’t really get why the crazy prankster has dressed up like a chick but hey, if it feels good do it!

*If you love crazy shit then head to, the antisocial network where there thousands of great videos plus live stunts on interactive TV. 

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