A lot of women love the look of a man in a smart uniform – but it’s rare that you see an officer of the law try to romantically hit on somebody whilst on duty.

Firstly because it’s probably against every regulation in the book and secondly cause it would be kind of creepy.

But a hilarious viral video on YouTube shows what can happen when a ‘cop’ gets frisky. Web jokers VitalyzdTV,  pounded the streets with an actor pretending to be a police officer in uniform to see how easy it would be to get girls’ numbers.

He approaches (and gets approached by) several women who seem impressed, despite his cheesy pick-up lines.

Some of his outrageous quotes include: “I was actually walking up to you ‘cause your ass looks suspicious, so I have to investigate it tonight anyway” and “Are you hungry? Do you want a piece of bacon? Or do you want a roasted pig?”

* Watch the prank below and for funny clips visit Battlecam.com. You can also watch great TV for free via the web at FilmOn.com – where there are hundreds of great channels to choose from.

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