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Zack Snyder just can’t win with any of his casting decisions for the Man of Steel sequel. His most recent announcement, that Wonder Woman will be played by Israeli actress and model Gal Gadot, once again caused people to #WTF all over Twitter timelines. The responses were mixed but predominantly skeptical, which has been hailed as a victory when compared to the uproar following the August announcement of Ben Affleck as Batman. Unfortunately, Zack, not hating your casting decision doesn’t make it a good one.

Gadot winning the role of Wonder Woman is the target of criticism and skepticism because of her petite frame. The former Miss Israel has a slender figure typical of pageant queens (more commonly referred to as “those skinny bitches” in everyday conversation). She’s skinny and her entire arm may be the same size as her wrist, but she’ll still kick your ass. Gadot served a two-year term in the Israeli army as a sports trainer. She also has a young daughter, which means she has survived childbirth. These are all good signs that she can play the ass-kicking, Amazonian woman that Wonder Woman fans are waiting for.

No one has to worry about her being able to play the part physically, small as she is. What people should really be concerned about is her acting pedigree. Gadot is best known for her role as Gisele Yashar in three Fast and Furious movies (primarily in the news in the last week because of the tragedy of Paul Walker’s untimely death. That does absolutely nothing to reassure people that she can act, but it does mean she can furrow her eyebrows and deliver coy one-liners at a flattering angle to the camera. It probably won’t be enough to earn her a spin-off movie, like Wonder Woman fans have long hoped for, but there is still a shot in hell that Snyder knows what he’s doing. He’s off to a rocky start, but we won’t know for sure until 2015 when the movie is released. Yes, we’re waiting for Gadot.

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