Macklemore Gay Weddings

Even though Macklemore and Ryan Lewis won the 2014 Grammy for Best Rap Album, that doesn’t mean that everyone believes that gay and straight marriage qualifies as the “same love.”

During the duo’s performance of their gay-rights anthem “Same Love” Sunday night, Queen Latifah simultaneously officiated the weddings of 33 couples many of them same-sex – which perhaps unsurprisingly drew negative reactions from conservatives and anti-gay pundits.

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Taking to twitter en masse, public figures like Fox’s Todd Starnes complained that the ceremony was demeaning the institution of marriage:

Conservative radio host and American Family Association Director of Issue Analysis Brian Fischer warned his followers about the ceremony:

Meanwhile, over at, Michael Brown posted an editorial suggesting that the mass wedding was too provincial in scope, as he mounted an argument that gay-marriage advocates were ignoring polygamous unions by championing two-person partnerships.

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