One Direction fans go wild (if you have finished school for the day), Ginger Clam is delighted to reveal exclusive details about Harry and his new musical escapades.

Long-haired lothario Styles has been secretly huddled up in the studio with pop’s current golden girl Meghan ‘all about the bass, less about the face’ Trainor.

Harry claims there was no spanking lurve action, however Meghan revealed: “We kicked out the engineer and just had our time together…”. Why was the engineer not allowed to stay? He could have held the tissues.

Anyway, enough about their chemistry and onto the boring stuff, the music. Meghan told MTV:

“I was very nervous so I prepared a little chorus on my ukulele and I walked in and in five minutes, I felt very comfortable because he was very normal and funny and just a regular 20-year old dude…. not like the Harry Styles who everyone is in love with.”

Maybe he just didn’t fancy you, sweetheart.

“We finished the song in an hour or two and I love it,” she said. “I was nervous ’cause I thought he’d be like a Justin Bieber, like ‘he’s so famous’ and love himself, but he was just so normal… I immediately wasn’t nervous any more.”

We are not sure if little yappy Bieber is a good comparison to rate guys against. Anyway, Meghan said the song had an earnest love message. How touching. She revealed:

“It’s about how, you know when you date someone, and then you break up, and then you see them on a date with someone else but they’re so happy, so you’re like, ‘I’m happy for you. Maybe some day in the future if we’re back together, that’d be cool. Good luck. I haven’t seen that smile in a long time, that’s great. Maybe some day when we’re old and grey, we could be in love once more.’ Oops, there’s a line!”

Wow, it sounds like a classic. Yawn.

Meghan revealed that it is called Someday Maybe. Someday maybe Ginger Clam will want to hear it. Perhaps when hell has frozen over and a flying pig is in the studio with Harry Styles. Oh, wait…

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