Q. What do internet viewers love more than animal videos? A. Cross-species animal videos! Here’s some heart-warming footage of an unbelievable (and adorable) double act that’s going viral on the web.

Six year old Jack Russell terrier Dally and his best friend Spanky make an amazing duo. Hailing from Washington State their owner Francesca Carson rescued both of them – and now they repay her kindness by performing amazing tricks.

Despite their difference in height, Dally (the doggy) seems unfazed as he rides on the back of the Spanky (the pony), and with amazing skill and balance.

Watch the video footage showing Dally, performing tricks with Spanky and even snuggling up to his big belly afterwards for a nap. Oh stop it.

According to the Daily Mail The animals regularly travel across America and last year they made their TV debut on the Late Show with David Letterman, what superstars!  Meanwhile if you love great TV then watch live channels for free at FilmOn.com. You can also watch more crazy videos at BattleCam.com.

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