We’re all used to see car chases and vehicles rolling over in the movies – but somehow the real-thing never fails to fascinate.

Incredible footage of a high speed accident in California earlier this month has gone viral on the internet, notching up tens of thousands of plays in a few days.

It shows a gold-coloured SUV crashing upside down after losing control on a freeway in the Bay County area. The vehicle rolls over and over and ends up smashed to bits and billowing smoke.

Surely, nobody could survive that – could they? Then, all of a sudden a dude gets out of the SUV in a T-Shirt, looking as cool as a cucumber and without a scratch on him.

The suspect is eventually arrested after being surrounded by cops.

* See the video below (note – there is no sound) – for more great clips go to BattleCam.com, where there are thousands of great videos to choose from.

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