A pair of jokers have raised the bar on the recent crop of ‘bait’ viral videos – by unleashing a torrent of paintball bullets on unsuspecting bike riders.

The resulting footage from TwinzTV is three minutes and 28 seconds of complete mayhem that has become an instant hit on social media. The pair hide away in the bushes with what appear to be semi-automatic paintball weapons (see the video below).

A bicycle is left nearby and when passers-by take to the saddle it’s time to put a cap in their ass!

Our favorite is the woman in the light blue vest – who gets well and truly splatted. Hell, it’s bad taste and it’s not big and it’s not clever … but it’s f***ing funny.

In fact, Ginger Clam could sure do with one of those paintball guns to stop all those pesky coyotes from sniffing around her beaver!

* If you love crazy shit then head to BattleCam.com – the anti-social network there are thousands of great videos and you can star in your own TV show.       

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