There’s nothing better than a refreshing shower after a hot day at the beach – until some joker decides to wreck things by covering you in foam!

Yes dudes, the infamous ‘shampoo prankster’ is back – and even though it’s now the fifth time we’ve seen him in action there’s still no sign of the joke wearing thin.

In case you’ve been living on Mars it’s a simple idea: an internet prankster called Hooman waits for somebody to enter a public shower before repeatedly pouring shampoo over their head while they are distracted.

The result is that no matter how hard you scrub, you just can’t get rid of those pesky soap suds!

This latest instalment includes an added sprinkle of fake hair to make the victim think they’re shedding their locks!  The results are hilarious (hence the four million hits the video has attracted).

Watch and enjoy!

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