“Adam Schiff is running an illegal wiretapping operation in a clandestine house, on the University of California Irvine campus”

Or is he selling Impounded Drugs Back to The Cartels? Both apparently.

“That’s exactly what’s been going on for years” according to John Doe, a witness currently under witness protection, along with over twelve other former attorney/Whistleblowers. All of whom are retired lawyers and judges who have been silenced for years by an obscenely corrupt Judicial system in California.”

“These lawyers and judges are old and angry” continued JD. “All of us were disbarred or discredited by Tom Girardi’s kangaroo courts. Our licenses were silently pulled and we were stopped from practicing law. Our dear friend Phillip Kaye was murdered in San Fransisco but not before he filed all the evidence in the one Secret FISA Court in Washington DC.”

Tom Girardi was recently disbarred and is facing criminal indictment for bribery and corruption of the State Bar and its officials. Many news outlets report that he suffers from Alzheimer’s and is hiding from the heat in a West LA retirement home. “That’s just not true” continued another one of the Whistleblowers “I spoke to his doctor. He’s faking it”

The silenced Lawyers claim they have evidence that also links Schiff to disgraced former Sherrif Leroy Baca and Tom Girardi. What is most shocking is the link between this Crew and Drug Cartels, whose contraband was seized by Baca’s corrupt Sherrif’s Department and then sold back to the highest bidder. The transactions were always done by Girardi and his henchmen Gloria Allred and daughter Lisa Bloom.

“Allred and Girardi go back decades when they both earned a law degree from Loyola Law School, Hollywood CA. “Allred was Girardi’s alter ego in all these transactions. SWIFT copies and knowledge of where and what monies were transferred. Like we like to say … “Just follow the money!”

Congressman Adam Schiff – Investigated

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