Judge Yollanda Orozco – Superior Court of Los Angeles

Dear Judge Orozco

I understand that you worked for Jones Day the Los Angeles law firm at the time that it was embroiled in the Chief Leroy Baca scandal and Tom Girardi Scandal. And as you know the Los Angeles Superior Court and Jones Day amongst others have been under investigation by the FBI for bribery and corruption of the State Bar and for what has been termed as the “Girardi Judges”

As a complex transactions specialist for Jones Day which you worked for five years until you became a Superior Court Judge, you should have recused yourself a long time ago rather than continue to traffick me through the Court system.

Your ludicrous attempt to have me made a ward of the court is both criminal of you and deeply disturbing.
According to reported that you said, “There’s a limit to what I can do,” you …. “A conservatorship — that might be an avenue to pursue. I can’t opine on that”

You also said: “I think it is completely unacceptable for him to thumb his nose at the court. I believe he knew he was supposed to be here today.”

I did not thumb my nose at the Court, you declined to have me appear by Video. Despite the fact that you personally are also being investigated by the FBI for being a Girardi Judge.

It is now well known that Girardi manipulated the Bar Association and officials at the State Bar to get Judges Promotions and Perks. It is said by one of several Whistleblowers called John Dough, that the Girardi Judges included one Michelle Court.

Another obscene example of these Judges is when lone practitioner Michelle Court went to Gloria Allred for legal advice as she claimed her husband was beating her. Tom Girardi recruited Michelle Court to their Network of corrupted Judges and Lawyers.

“You couldn’t become a presiding Judge in LA Superior Court without being a Girardi Judge” continued John Dough “Girardi Judges included Chief Justice George and the current sitting Chief Justice Justice Tammy Cantil-Sakauye.
Chief Justice Kazinsky was removed from the Judiciary allegedly for watching child porn on his Court computer.

Like that makes sense. No… He was booted off the Judiciary for being a Girardi Judge. Other Girardi Judges include  Chief Justice Tammy Cantil-Sakauye, Chief Justice George. All this is evidenced by esteemed San Fransisco lawyer Phillip Kaye who was killed shortly after filing these records in the Washington DC FISA – Hard to believe but true.

In Michelle Court’s courtroom in the case MAHIM KAHN Vs ALKI DAVID, neither I nor my lawyers who were representing me were allowed a defense at all.

Their long line of witnesses that were never called like John Robertson, Gary Shoefiled Peter Van Pruissen were their witnesses who in fact were never called to the trial. They were never hostile towards me on the contrary but the Court allowed it to happen. The Court denied me or my lawyers any defense despite our protestations. Nathan Goldberg went on a Press Conference where he claimed that I elected to not put up a defense and forfeited my rights and $54 MILLION DOLLARS

Additionally, one witness and her infant daughter were threatened by the plaintiff Mahim Kahn during the trial. My attorney Ellyn Garofalo’s signature was falsified. This has been proven ad nauseum with a 70-page document showing how Ms. Garofallo’s electronic signature was faked. This document was of course ignored by Judge Michelle Court.
I have repeatedly tried to communicate with you. I have written a letter to you which you ignored. You have abused the system of honor and ethics that you are meant to uphold.

I am advising you that the Federal Bureau of Investigations has officially begun an investigation of the trafficking crimes that I and many other victims have experienced at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse, in Downtown Los Angeles.

Alkiviades David



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