There are plenty of people who have less than kind words to say about Justin Bieber – and now the pop brat is about to find out exactly what the world thinks of him.

The little ball-bag has managed to annoy half the planet with his dull music, childlike behaviour and generally by just getting far too much publicity.

Now, a select few people will have the chance to confront he singer when he takes to the seat during Comedy Central’s annual ‘Roast of…’.

If you haven’t heard of the event, it brings together some of the biggest names in comedy on a  high profile panel of people who will one by one verbally roast the victim.

In the past, names such as Charlie Sheen, James Franco and David Hasselhoff have been tortured during the special night, but this year may well be the best so far.

Kevin Hart is hosting the show, which will air on the 30th March 2015 – and speculation is rife about the identity of the lucky few who get to humiliate Bieber on an international TV station.

Watch the highlights of Charlie Sheen’s roast below. And for more great comedy check out FilmOn.comwhere there are hundreds of free live web TV channels to choose from.

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