Today, rock genius Janis Joplin got her long overdue star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Music honcho Clive Davis presented the star to her sister Laura and her brother Michael. Kris Kristofferson, who wrote the hit song, “Me and Bobby McGee” performed the song for the many devoted fans who came out to support their legendary idol.

To say that Janis’ music is still vital today is an understatement. How many times have The Voice and American Idol singers pointed to her as their inspiration?

Davis gave an appropriately epic speech:

“There has never been an artist like Janis. That was so evident from the first time I saw her on stage. She vibrated, the music going thru her whole body, throwing that unruly hair around and letting out that sound from deep in her gut. I can still picture it and I can still hear it four decades later. How truly revolutionary she was. She broke all the rules for what was possible and permissible, she was pained and vulnerable. She was riveting. Our paths crossed that weekend in 1967. We bonded, and as I wrote in my book, she thought our relationship should be in more physical, traditional way. It didn’t go that way, but it doesn’t mean our relationship wasn’t personal and intimate. She had her hopes and insecurities. I was completely prepared to be by her side for a very long time. I was filled with anticipation for what was coming down the road.

“It broke my heart when she died. I was angry because she was depriving everyone of her life force. This contradictory chick from Texas was on top of the rock world. She was unapologetically herself. She helped change from what we perceive star quality to be. I’m so glad she’s here on the Walk of Fame. She’d be drinking Southern Comfort and having a good time. Artists from around the globe all still say that she was their inspiration. Her spirit is still with us. Nothing was the same for me after I first saw Janis Joplin. ”

Kristofferson then poignantly sang the song that made her famous. He described her as one of “the greatest artists that ever lived.”

Watch Janis Joplin at her best in Janis Joplin, Her Final Hours for free via FilmOn:

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