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Are the Carter’s and Knowles’ the new Hatfield and McCoy’s?

Footage leaked from the security system at The Standard Hotel in New York shows Beyonce, Jay-Z and Bey’s sister, Solange Knowles, involved in an altercation in the hotel’s elevator. While Queen B stood in the corner next to her husband, Solange repeatedly attacked her brother-in-law.

A man who appears to be a body guard repeatedly tried to hold Knowles back, but the singer made contact at least a few times, once with her purse, sending its contents flying all over the elevator.

The fight took place on Cinco de Mayo at a Met Gala after party, but since there’s no audio to the clip we’re not sure what actually took place, but whatever it was, the 27-year-old was pissed. Knowles clawed, scratched and kicked Jay-Z in the three-and-a-half minute clip.

The footage was obtained by ultimate creepers, TMZ.com, though according to the New York Daily News, the Standard Hotel is, “shocked and disappointed that there was a clear breach of our security system.”

While the family sorts out matters, Twitter had a field day with the fight.






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