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Over the weekend, proof may have emerged from a Daft Punk fan message board that Daft Punk has let another collaborator into their floating pyramid studio. That collaborator? The ‘big brother’ of frequent Daft Punk collaborator Kanye West – yep, Jay Z himself. Hot and steaming off of the worst year of his rap career that didn’t involve Kingdom Come, Jay Z thought he gave the French electronica duo his finest, while really he only continued his descent into Dad Rap. While a song dropped through a leak seems atypical for both collaborators, all signs point to the track’s legitimacy. Consider these lines from Jay, which seem tailor-made for an ironic pairing with the ‘Technologic’ duo:

Start mackin’ on my black berry, she got jealous I was tappin’ on my Blackberry /

So she didn’t keep in touch and I can’t tell the difference, we ain’t see each other much /

Aside from some late night texts, a couple O’s, a few X’s /

My current feels just like my ex’s, different characters, same letters /

Red light, another message, spillin her heart out, what a mess this is /

P.S. this is BS, I can’t even spell it out, am I that unaffectionate?

Most people think this track, ‘Computerized’, was left on the cutting room floor from Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories, and if that’s the case, Daft Punk are as smart as their circuit boards make them out to be. This song would only help Jay, allowing himself to be seen as on the same level as music legends like Nile Rodgers and Giorgio Moroder. Unfortunately, the lazy luddite gripefest he unleashed is pushing him into the overexposed wing of pop culture. He used to call himself the rap Frank Sinatra, and with more of this nonsense, he’ll be the rap Kevin James.

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