Turns out Kevin the goat is a right little c***

Comedian, Jimbo Bazoobi from Sydney Australia, just wanted to feed his gang of goats but one of the wild dudes made the simple task a bloody nightmare.

Of the four farm animals, Kevin, Barbara, Alex and Jimbo’s pet Gary, Kevin caused a shit storm between the crew.

After incessantly head-butting everyone and being a general nuisance Jimbo had enough and said:

“Kevin, stop being a c*** mate. What were you mate, the runt of the litter and then you got on the fucking roids and then you started bunting people around and thinking it was tough.

“Hey be nice to f***ing Barbara mate. F***, you’re doing it to Alex as well, you’re a dead set c*** aren’t ya … I’ve got one left (treat) and it’s not going to you Kevin, do you know why? Cos you’re a c***.”

The hilarious clip ended up with the crew ganging up on Jimbo running him out the field- It was clear Kevin was the one orchestrating the chase, he’s one goat you don’t wanna f*** with.

WARNING: These Aussies swear for fun so be aware of the very strong language from the footage below, taken from the YouTube channel Gary The Goat.

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