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Calling on citizens to unite over their love of country, JP Vance released “This is America” in time for Independence Day. The 15 year-old artist, who launched his career in Beijing, China before returning to the States, wrote the song as he contemplated the strife rocking the country after the election of Donald Trump. Watch the video here.
Produced by FilmOn Music and Hologram USA Networks, the song is being distributed by MondoTunes, the global leader in independent digital music distribution, and is available on iTunes, Amazon, and over 600 other stores around the world. The song features multi-hyphenate star Ray J.
Vance sings, “I can take the straight and narrow path down the raod fo no return/Sing a happy freedom song or in silence watch the whole thing burn/ But when the spirit moves the soul/I can fall down on my knees and pray any prayer I want to/ Pray to my god anytim I please.”
The video is a harrowing depiction of all the problems America is facing today from racism to police killings to oppression. Through it all Vance pleads his case for the country he loves. In the end the video and the song are positive calls to mend our differences and do what’s best for the country.
Vance was born in Portland, Oregon and moved to Beijing, China when he was 2. At 5, he was discovered by Bobby Taylor, the Motown star who was a mentor to the Jackson 5.
The song has already received airplay on KISS FM and other major stations and is being called the right summer anthem for these troubled times.
Vance is the latest release from FilmOn Music which has produced albums for Chief Keef and others. Hologam USA Networks produces Hologram, VR and 360 shows of deceased celebrities to present in its own theaters and its vast digital distribution network, using the same patented technology that presented the Tupac Shakur hologram at Coachella, and Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston.
Alki David, the Greek billionaire and CEO of Hologram USA Networks, told TV Mix in a Skype interview from his island in the Aegean, “JP’s love for America comes from having grown up abroad–and then coming home. He’s got talent–but he also has vision.”

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