Prism, Perry’s fourth album, will break next week. The track list features spiritual songs inspired by New Age-y author Eckhart Tolle , whose intentionally inspirational works include A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose,  Stillness Speaks: Whispers of Now, and — our personal fave — Guardians of Being: Spiritual Teachings from Our Dogs and Cats.

Don’t laugh. Remember God is Dog spelled backwards! And Cat spelled backwards is.. wait. That doesn’t work.

Perry’s sudden karmic shift is a bit unsettling for fans of the once-naughty schoolgirl who sang lyrics such as, “We’ll melt your popsicle”, “You wanna pet my kitty, you’re such a dirty doggy”, and “You’re so gay… you don’t even like penis.”

And that’s not all Perry’s changing. She’s toning down her personal style, covering up her impressive cleavage and dressing in a more subdued way, perhaps because of her advancing age. It’s kinda hard to pull off that precocious pubescent look when you’re closing in fast on the big 3-0.

The singer, who turns 28 on Oct. 25, still appears onstage in her trademark short pleated skirts, thigh high stockings, and colorful jogging bras with her hair in Mileyesque double top knots. But she hasn’t changed hair color or worn pink or green wigs in, like, months. Shockingly, she even burns her blue wig in the promo video for Prism‘s lead single, “Roar. The clip features Perry holding a lighter in front of her face while standing in a pitch-black room. Perry, wearing red lipstick, a black choker, and a striped top, lifts up her blue wig (made famous by her “California Gurls” music video) and sets it on fire. No, not the blue wig! Save the bustiers, please!

Upping her fashion image, Perry was a Vogue cover girl in July, so she already has editor Anna Wintour’s couture thumbs up.

She was also spotted attending the Paris fashion shows earlier this fall. She wore a discreet and long Chanel daisy print, silk dress to sit in Karl Lagerfeld’s prestigious front row. She later showed up in a demure Chanel high-necked black and silver mid-calf sheath to Herr Karl’s bash for Chanel’s newest scent, Mademoiselle C.

When celebrity is hired (yes, they really do get paid small fortunes to party) to attend a designer show and fragrance fete, it usually means there’s a multi-million dollar brand ambassador contract in the works. And let’s face it. Karl so doesn’t do schoolgirl dresses anymore.

What do you think of Katy Perry’s change of tune and change of clothes? No more retina-searing neons; she’s in neutral terrority now.

We’re already missing our colorful, saucy little California Gurl. And, lets be honest, we really miss those bouncing breasts.

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