This has gotta be the ultimate home security device – a front door that comes to life and scares the shit out of unwanted callers.

There’s nothing more annoying than being disturbed on your day off. Sometimes people just won’t leave until you answer and then if they’re salesmen they try to make you buy something you have absolutely no interest in.

A New Zealand based energy company thought they’d demonstrate how to get rid of the pestering bastards.

In a hilarious hidden camera prank the door-knocker comes to life – because it is in fact a human face covered in gold paint and props.

When people knock on the door, the face starts screaming and orders them to go away.

After a while they all give up with their sales pitch and turn around, and then a statue comes to life and chases them off.

Here at Ginger Clam we can’t wait to try it at home.

* Watch the video below. Meanwhile, for great entertainment go to  where there are hundreds of free TV channels.

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