Serial prankster Ben Phillips is at it again – and as per usual it’s his long-suffering friend Elliot who’s the victim.

Hot on the heels of a spate of recent viral videos that involve blowing people’s brains out with chilli peppers, Ben found out that his buddy had a bad case of flu and was continually using a little device in order to stop his sniffles.

The nasal med looks like a tampon that you put in your nostril and inhale the medicine inside.

So Ben, a UK-based video blogger who has his  own YouTube channel, invested in a Komodo dragon chilli – aka the hottest s*** you can buy! Next he cut the chilli open and rubbed it on the device while Elliot was buying tissues.

The clip goes outrageous as Elliot tries to get rid of the burning sensation – he even buys a pint of milk that he tries to pour up his own nose!

* Watch the clip below. Meanwhile, got to for thousands of great videos, plus live stunts in interactive TV.

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