Here’s a satisfying one. A video has gone viral after a guy went nuts after reportedly spotting a lady rummaging through his car.

According to the Daily Mirror,  a man is shown filming the mystery woman from behind without saying a word.

When she turns around, he says: “Yeah, let me be the first one to say I should whoop your motherf**king ass, going through my goddamn car.”

As she tries to say something he continues: “Put my sh*t back in my goddamn car. What the f**ck are you doing?”

The woman, who appears not to speak a lot of English, then attempts to explain herself, but the guy is having absolutely none of it.

We’ve no idea whether or not it’s all just a huge misunderstanding – but the video is hilarious as hell.

Watch the clip below. Meanwhile if you love crazy shit then head to, where there are thousands of great videos plus live interactive TV.

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