Corr, these kids have kept some naughty little secrets from their mom’s!

TV host Jimmy Kimmel sent a crew out to the streets of LA over the weekend to ask children what was the worst lie they’ve ever told their mother’s, in front of them! Awkward much!

In case you missed it the results were shown on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ and were pretty darn hilarious. Our favourite had to be the little guy who laid down some harsh truths.

He said to his poor mummy: “(I told her) She looked good in a dress even though she didn’t.” When asked what he was going to get her for Mother’s Day the cheeky dude replied with: “Maybe a new dress, burn that one!”

What shocked Ginger Clam HQ the most was when one daughter revealed her biggest lie was: “That I wasn’t out all night doing drugs … (back in) High School.” Wow!

The most peculiar response came from the first duo where a young daughter informed her mother of the naughty antics she used to get up to with her best pal. She said to her stunned mom: “Oh nooooo what have I signed up for … Me and my best friend used to sneak out and go to drag queen shows!” We bet that that was a fun conversation later on!

If we’ve learnt anything from this experiment it’s that some things are better left unsaid!

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