Lucas, Jesse and Kyle from the YouTube channel NELK, have been creeping chicks out all over the place but they’re totally innocent!

The jokers set up a prank whereby one of them would rudely compliment a ladies prime assets, only for them actually to be talking about a prop one of the other guys was holding behind the chicas.

Despite the raunchy comments some of the babes loved the attention!

Prankster Lucas said to one victim: “You have really nice bazookas!” The tanned beauty blushed and said ‘thank you’ only for her to look completely embarrassed when he was really talking about the giant water guns Kyle had!

The prank was well received with most of the girls laughing it off once they realised the guys weren’t actually discussing their lovely lady lumps.

Like the NELK gang, the Ginger Clam HQ also loves bazookas, cans, balloons, melons and big old juicy buns!

* Watch the viral video below and in the meantime log onto, the anti-social network where there are thousands of great videos plus live stunts.

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