Lindsay Lohan is Ginger Clam’s fave little wild cat, but now we know exactly where she gets it from…

While the cat’s away the mice will play… As Lindsay enjoys time in London, her parents have been at home causing all kinds of mayhem in her absence. Much to the star’s embarrassment.

Lohan’s stepmother, Kate Lohan, was nabbed by police after she returned home mangled on booze before using long, acrylic fingernails to tear up her husband Michael Lohan. Full gory details are in the arrest report. Boom! A jolly good read.

Ginger Clam loves it. Momma Lohan, 32, now faces a domestic battery charge. She was allowed to leave Palm Beach County Jail under supervision on Friday afternoon.

Fun times are off the menu – Circuit Judge Caroline Shepherd ruled that Momma is banned from consuming alcohol or non-prescription drugs. There goes girlie nights out with Lindsay for the foreseeable future.

Momma Lohan has been reportedly going through a detoxification from alcohol, but she let slip on wine, the report said. It reads: ‘Michael Lohan, 54, who wasn’t wearing a shirt, tried to talk to her about the situation and they began to argue. Kate Lohan eventually chased him around the house and scratched him.’


Boca Raton police wrote that Kate Lohan smelled of alcohol, had red, glossy eyes and slurred speech.

Lindsay learned from the best.

Momma Lohan was also sentenced to eight months in jail and a year probation in March 2014 in connection to a ‘driving under the influence’ violtation.

Ginger Clam wants a Lohan night out, a change of underwear and some bail money will be required.

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