Model, stylist and designer L’Wren Scott died of a confirmed suicide on March 17th in her Manhattan apartment. Since then, boyfriend Mick Jagger has been the center of media attention, much to the dismay of many feminists.

Scott, 49, was only weeks from her 50th birthday and although details as to why this happened are unclear, there are a few things we’ve learned in the aftermath of her death:

1) Scott’s coffin moved

Originally at the Frank E. Campbell Funeral Home on Madison Ave. in New York, Jagger had the coffin moved to the Hollywood Forever Funeral Home and Cemetery in Los Angeles.

2) Funeral Plans

The New York Daily News reports that Jagger plans to have a small, private funeral with only close friends in California. Scott’s final resting place seems to be a topic of controversy though, as her adopted sister wishes for her to be buried near her childhood home in Utah.

3) Business Woes

The Daily Mail have reported that Scott was in financial trouble amounting to $6 million in debt at the time of her death, along with rumors circulating of unpaid suppliers and staff. Her company, LS Fashion Ltd., denies these rumors, however they may be key to understanding her death.

4) Canceled Fashion Shows

Scott had canceled her London Fashion Week show last month, citing production delays. Her company, LS Fashion Ltd., which started in 2006, was also near folding, according to a statement by Scott’s friend and fashion critic Cathy Horyn.

5) Feminists aren’t happy

While Scott had a long-standing and successful career in the fashion industry, many who aren’t in the business don’t know too much about her. High profile publications have been identifying her as Mick Jagger’s girlfriend, which many say defeats her own successes and reduces her accomplishments to only being a famous rockstar’s girlfriend.

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