Life for Madonna doesn’t seem to be getting any easier. Not only does she (probably) have a really hairy wizard’s sleeve, but now it seems that the relationship with her son is taking a new and horrible twist.

Madge’s 15-year-old son Rocco, currently in the midst of a custody battle between his two very famous parents, has allegedly branded himself a “son of a b***h” in a now-deleted Instagram profile listing.

Calling your momma a bitch in front of the entire world seems like grounds for having your pocket money and PlayStation rights stopped for a few weeks.

The ongoing battle has now lasted over four months, and Rocco’s dad Guy Ritchie certainly seems to be winning the publicity battle.

Madonna is said to be heading back to London to see Rocco this week. It sounds like he is mega excited about that prospect.

A source told The Sun:

“Madonna can’t cope with the fact she doesn’t know who Rocco is hanging out with, she is hearing rumours through friends in London about what he is up to, and the fact that he is spending a lot of his time with a bunch of entitled little monsters. But the one person who she doesn’t mind him hanging around with is Brooklyn Beckham.”

Brooklyn Beckham?! No fear there, Madge, your nipper would just start dressing badly.

It would be hanging around with Justin Bieber that would worry Ginger Clam. Rocco would be wreaking merry havoc in no time at all. You’ve been warned.

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