Malaysian Flight

Although there may yet be no official word on the whereabouts of Malaysian Airlines flight 370, there are at least five news channels on FilmOn where you can get updates about the investigation.

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Malaysian authorities have been investigating the plane’s March 7 disappearance and turned up no concrete clues about exactly what happened. A report on The Wall Street Journal’s website Thursday indicated that aviation experts believe the plane flew for a total of five hours, although they are uncertain in which direction it flew, or where it might have landed.

Check out domestic reports from the Associated Press about the investigation via FilmOn Breaking News.

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Al Jazeera, meanwhile, offers international coverage of the disappearance.

China Central Television (CCTV News) offers reports from local officials involved directly in the investigation.

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Press TV offers a roundup of global events, including an overview of the incident.

And The New York Times’ World News promises to keep you up to date with all new developments:

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