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Stay thirsty, my friends.

If Dos Equis made an ad campaign around the most interesting woman in the world, it just might be the 25-year-old Marina Shafir.

“I really like watching movies,” she says. “I went out and splurged on a bed; it’s memory foam, new sheets, new comforter, and a really expensive pillow. I like to watch movies in bed and drink tea.”

Interesting, right?

But she has a whole lot of hype surrounding her career, is known, partly, for being Ronda Rousey’s trainer and roommate, for having a 4-0 record among MMA amateurs and for speaking multiple languages, including Moldovan and Russian.

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For dinner the night we meet up, Shafir makes coconut chicken from scratch and when I ask her what was the worst thing she has eaten, she says, “In China, I had raw sea cucumber. I couldn’t not eat it because it would have been a sign of disrespect. It was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever eaten in my life. They should put that shit on Survivor.”

On  UFC/Fox Sports show, The Ultimate Fighter 18, she was one of the coaches for her teammate Rousey, where she helped contestants with their judo and grappling, helped Rousey with her training, and was a “jack of all trades.”

I was curious to see if she, as an amateur could beat all the professionals on the show. Even though an amateur, she was still one of their coaches.

Kano: Could you beat all the girls on the show?

Shafir: Yes.

Kano: On both teams? (Team Rousey/Team Tate)

Shafir: Yes.

Kano: 100%?

Shafir: 100%.

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Shafir does not hesitate when questioned, and when I ask if her relationship has changed with the rise of Rousey’s stardom, she says:

“When we’re all under the same roof it’s the same. I’m going to call her out on her stuff and she’s going to call me out on my stuff. I’d be lying to say our friendship didn’t change; because it has. It’s gotten stronger. We help each other through certain stuff. Fame, it really never gets to her. She just thinks it’s cool. She does buy the expensive milk, she buys the hemp milk now. I guess we eat healthier.”

A Few Facts

  • Shafir works part time as a barista at a local coffee shop in Los Angeles.
  • Ping pong is her second favorite sport to MMA/judo.
  • She has thrown someone who weighed 240.
  • Anderson Silva is her favorite fighter and she says her “heart was broken” watching his last fight, as she watched him break his leg.
  • Tito Ortiz is her least favorite fighter. “I don’t like him because of what he hasn’t done for the sport,” she says.
  • She is for friends fighting in the cage if,  “they want to work some stuff out.”

David Kano is lead writer for MMA Show News and co-host of The Hollywood MMA Show. You can follow him on Twitter @TheDKano.

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