Surgeons in Philadelphia have performed a miracle transplant operation on and eight-year-old boy to give him a new pair of hands.

FilmOn viewers around the world have been tuning into TV reports overnight about how young Zion Harvey from Baltimore is recovering well after undergoing 11 hours on the operating table in a procedure that involved a team of around 100 medics.

Zion lost his own hands and feet to an infection when he was two years old – but the boy’s courage and bravery have impressed all who meet him.

He is the first ever child to undergo a double hand transplant.

Asked what he plans to do with his new hands, Zion replied: “Pick up my little sister from day care and wait for her to run into my hands and I’ll pick her up and spin her around.”

If you haven’t caught any of the TV footage of Zion yet then check out the video below.

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