Here’s a fashion trend that proves people will do just about anything to try to look cool – even if it means having a shape like a BAGEL pumped into your forehead.

Here at Ginger Clam HQ on TV Mix we’re not sure that looking like you’ve got snack food under your skin is gonna catch on, but we guess it’s an interesting variation on the normal designer vagina / oiled ass look that many celebs seem to crave these days.

‘Bagel-heading’ is a body modification trend that first surfaced in Japan a few years ago. It involves having a saline solution injected under the skin, into which a hole is created to make it look like a bagel (wow … f***ing great, eh?).

The bizarre look is only temporary, as things return to normal when the swelling goes down. The practice has recently resurfaced as a discussion topic on social media thanks to a number of viral videos, like the one below.

We’re not sure what the point of it is – but if it creates an extra orifice who’s complaining! Meanwhile, if you like crazy s*** then check out, where there are loads of great videos, plus live streaming,

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