We’ve all done a limbo dance at a party at some point in our lives – but few of us will have put in a more cringe-worthy performance the ones captured in a hilarious prank video.

Here at Ginger Clam on TV Mix we love the idea of bending over backwards for a stranger to have fun, but the clowns in this footage take things to a whole new level.

In prank for Norwegian TV channel NRK, a film crew and a couple of ridiculously dressed guys decided to make sure a number of passers-by were tricked into thinking they were taking part in a genuine limbo challenge.

First they show the victim the height of the bar. Then they then blindfolded them and started them off by shouting “LIMBO TIME!”

But it’s not limbo time at all,  because the pranksters sprint away in silence – leaving the victims to make a fool of themselves in public. Genius!

Watch the clip below, and for more funny videos go to BattleCam.com. You can also watch live TV on the web at FilmOn.com, where there are hundreds of free channels to choose from.

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