miley cyrus, nude cover, leaked, w

I’m sure it will surprise you to know that Miley Cyrus is naked on the cover of W. Or not. Either way, the image of the pop star lying on a bed covering up her intimate areas with a pillow has leaked on the Internet.

Cyrus will kick off her Bangerz tour next month, beginning in Vancouver. While nudity does little to shock anyone when it comes from Cyrus, her upcoming tour and recent MTV Unplugged performance should keep her busy.

Cyrus is also looking at a burgeoning legal career, offering fellow musician Justin Bieber some advice. On the Tonight Show with Jay Lenon, Cyrus suggested Bieber uses his money to buy a house, add a club to it and party at his house. Saul Goodman couldn’t have given the Biebs better advice.

Anyhow, here’s that cover:

miley cyrus, nude cover, w, leaked

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