It’s been a while since Ginger Clam’s fave little bag of trouble Miley ‘my nipples are watching you’ Cyrus made headlines. Now she is back for major mischief…

Wild game hunter Rebecca Francis likes to murder innocent animals. Miley decided to expose the delightful hunter’s ‘hobby’ by reposting Francis’s big game kill pics on Instagram.

Now poor little ole Rebecca claims Miley is lower than the hunters, saying her ‘cyberbullying’ is “way worse than what she is accusing hunters of doing.”

Hmm, yep, but it’s not.

Ricky Gervais and Perez Hilton have already slammed Francis for how she gets her murderous kicks. Images of her with fresh giraffe, bear and lion kills are all over the web. Hey girl, why not hunt a proper beast like David Hasselhoff?

Miley captioned one of the pictures, “What the f*** is wrong with the human race?”

If murdering animals wasn’t bad enough, Miley then exposed Francis in a far more heinous act – hanging out with Donald ‘hair of dog’ Trump.

That is one step too far, Miley, some filthy acts are best left in private.

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