Rampage Jackson

With a fight lined up Friday for Bellator against Christian MPumbu, I posed the question on Twitter, Is Quinton Rampage Jackson still relevant?

I received so many responses, the replies stopped showing up under the question. The majority of the answers were “no” in a bunch of different ways (some clever play on words by people) with a few saying “yes.”

That had me thinking: with such an overwhelming response, he has to be somewhat relevant, right?

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He is the former UFC light heavyweight champion with a record of 33-1 and the only person to beat Chuck Liddell twice. When Liddell looked unstoppable and hadn’t lost in four years, it was Rampage who not just beat him, but knocked him out to win the title.

He had the epic battles with the Chute Box camp and Wanderlei Silva, losing twice to him before avenging his losses by knocking out Silva in the UFC. He’s known for his heavy metal chain and werewolf howls, but that man seems to be no longer.

Before his last fight in the UFC, he let it be known he was done fighting for the promotion (even when it was his option to stay), when most fighters from other promotions are simply trying to get into the big show.

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He still must have something in the tank if ESPN is still doing interviews with him, right? Right now he’s kind of under the radar, but when it’s all said and done and Rampage’s career is over, I think a certain song by the one Frank Sinatra is fitting — ‘I did it my way.’

And that certainly has been the case for him, as he’s even starred in a major motion picture movie (The A-Team) and crossed over into acting and even professional wrestling for WWE rival TNA.

Now, he’s with UFC rival Bellator, with one fight under his belt for them and now a participant in a four-man light heavyweight tournament, with the only other notable name King Mo Lawal

But the question remains, is Rampage still relevant? Gone are the days when he slammed opponents from above his head, or was knocking everyone he came across out. But in the end who cares, people are still watching him, still tweeting about him, still responding about him and — still writing articles on him…

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