If you missed her the first time around you might wanna fasten your seat-belts: tattooed model Sara X Mills is back with a new viral video.

The crazy blonde caused an internet stampede earlier this month when she uploaded footage of herself whilst twerking her boobs in time to classical music whilst wearing a bikini (trust us, you gotta see it to believe it).

Sara, 27, a former showgirl from Las Vegas, notched up an astonishing 26 million plays online after performing her bizarre act to the soothing sound of Mozart’s Eine kleine Nactmusik.

Now she’s back and this time she has a male counterpart. The pair take part in a boob-duel that’s not for the faint hearted. You can see the latest footage below via Battlecam.com (where there are thousands of great videos to choose from).

Sara might seem like just another social media wannabe, but the gal has now become a celebrity in her own right – with her story being picked up by mainstream news organisations like the New York Daily News and Daily Mail Online.

But it’s not all been hunky dory. Sara, who says she made the original video because she was bored, has revealed that she’s received death threats (some people just have nothing better to do).

Meanwhile, the latest video includes an appeal at the beginning to make donations to a breast cancer charity.

Watch and enjoy. Meanwhile, if you like great TV from around the world check out www.FilmOn.com

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PS: If you’re wondering who the cute cartoon character is in the photo of Sara top left, it represents Ginger Clam – TV’s Mix’s new gossip columnist!


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