This dude has some seriously big balls.

Ex NBA superstar Nate Robinson, who now plays for Hapoel Tel Aviv in Israel, was interrupted by a cheeky opportunist during an interview.

The former Knicks player ended up being challenged there and then to a one-on-one game of basketball which he accepted! Fair play to the pro.

The trash talk started a little earlier than expected with the giant sized amateur shouting:

“Nate I kick your ass baby!” Robinson couldn’t quite believe the audacity of the guy and burst out laughing.

However he quickly got into game mode with his last comment being: “I will bust his ass!”

We don’t know if the game went ahead but it sounds like someone got their ass whipped, kicked or busted… we dread to think what state the losers butt was in after the match.

* Watch the video below which has since gone viral and in the meantime log onto where there are hundreds of TV channels to watch for FREE.

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