While the cat’s away the naughty little pop mice will play. Justin ‘big like baby’ Bieber hit London last night and performed his trademark ‘blonde in taxi’ departure as the night came to an end.

The singer’s girlfriend, Sofia Richie, at least has her father’s songs to listen to as she weeps at home alone.

Bieber hit trendy nightspot Tape on Friday night and brought Rihanna along for company. However, Bieber seems to have got distracted by a new bit of meat once inside the club.

At 4am Justy reportedly popped the blonde in a taxi. Maybe he wanted to show her his new ding dong pictures.

Sofia hit Instragram with a new haircut to distract her from the Bieber kerfuffle:

Yup we chopped it @andylecompte

A photo posted by Sofia Richie (@sofiarichie) on

Ginger Clam thinks Bieber and DiCaprio should have a shag-off to determine the biggest player. Those two gents get through more pussy platters than a Chinese restaurant at Thanksgiving.

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