In true Kardashian style Kylie is milking the t**s off her birthday celebrations. It may have been three days since she turned 19, but the reality star is still in full party mode.

Fans were shocked to see the latest string of skimpy swimsuit pics that Kylie posted on Instagram.

She took her little boyfriend Tyga to the Bahamas in her private jet to celebrate the fact he can legally play with her bits.

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Kylie brought back Baywatch memories of Pamela Anderson with this red bathing suit display.

Ginger Clam wishes it was her birthday every day, Kylie’s butt should be in our faces as much as possible.

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Tyga bought Kylie a swanky new Maybach for her big day. She was promptly able to cash in on her old motor (a 2015 Mercedes Benz G-Class) to Newport Coast Auto. The price? A cool $145,000!

It’s a hard life, love, keep using that ass to suck the cash in.

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