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In the new film That Awkward Moment, three longtime buddies make a pact to stay single, only to find their agreement tested when each falls in love with a different girl. The film stars , and  and is sure to win the weekend with younger moviegoers.  Just as important as their budding relationships are with their lady friends, their bonds with one another are unbreakable, and the film underscores the value of camaraderie and companionship between men.

Suffice it to say this isn’t the first film which, directly or obliquely, explores “bromances.” As such, TV Mix has dug into the FilmOn libraries to find examples of such films – before there was a even a term to describe them – that you can watch right now, for free.

The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

Frank Darabont’s directorial debut examines the relationship between two inhabitants of Shawshank Prison over the course of several decades. After Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) is wrongly imprisoned for the murder of his wife and her lover, he meets Red Foreman (Morgan Freeman), a resourceful inmate who unexpectedly takes to his companion’s uncharacteristically laid-back demeanor. As time passes behind the walls of the prison, the duo deals with abusive guards, an exploitative warden and violent foes, and a deep and evocative bond grows that gives both a new perspective on life.

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Weekend At Bernie’s (1989)

Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman star in this irreverent comedy about two low-level employees at an insurance company whose discovery of fraud lands them an invite to their boss Bernie Lomax’s (Terry Kiser) beach house. When their boss turns up dead, they fear being implicated, and are forced to use his body as a prop to pretend he’s alive. Amidst the shenanigans, the buddies develop a powerful bond – if only through desperation – that shows the lengths a friend will go to help his buddy.

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Grand Duel (1972)

Also known as Storm Rider, director Giancarlo Santi’s film follows Phillip Wermeer (Alberto Dentice), a prison escapee who is on the trail of the man who killed his father. Although he’s being trailed by a string of bounty hunters and others who want to kill him, he finds an unlikely ally in Sheriff Clayton (Lee Van Cleef), who helps Wermeer escape and subsequently assists him in seeking justice for his father’s murder. Like so many of the great spaghetti westerns, Santi’s film chronicles the bonds between men, and the tenuous partnerships that emerge from people running from – and sometimes towards – trouble.

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The Way To The Stars (1945)

A relatively obscure obscure film in comparison to some others on this list, Anthony Asqith’s 1945 war drama follows RAF pilots Peter Penrose (John Mills), David Archdale (Michael Redgrave), USAAF Captain Johnny Hollis (Douglass Montgomery) and Lieutenant Joe Friselli (Bonar Colleano) as they fight their way through WWII. Through their triumphs and tragedies, their lives unfold on and off the battlefield, forging bonds that geographic boundaries cannot break.

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Tough And Deadly (1995)

Billy Blanks (The Last Boy Scout) and Roddy Piper (They Live) star as John Portland and Elmo Freech, respectively, an amnesiac CIA operative and a private investigator who team up to investigate a drug-smuggling operation which seems to have ties to Portland’s employers, and possibly people even further up the political food chain. Full of plenty of action and buddy-cop banter, the duo develops a strong bond as they dig deeper and deeper into a conspiracy that may cost them their lives, and threaten the integrity of the U.S. government.

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