There’s nothing friends enjoy more than taking the piss out of each other – but how would a group of straight guys react if one of their straight friends had been secretly using gay chat app Grindr?

In a genius prank during spring break, individuals from groups of fellas were targeted by a flamboyant guy called Gabriel who pretended he knew them through the dating application.

Earlier on in the day, two hot girls had been strolling the beach and chatted to the same guys in order to gather information so that the story would add up.

The girls would then describe the target and Gabriel would run over, claiming to know him from the app.

Watch the guys’ reactions in the video below (it’s actually part 2 of the prank but it’s by far the most interesting). The video is fun but it makes a serious point about modern attitudes to being gay – when the victim’s pals scream with laughter and mock him.

Meanwhile, got to for for more pranks and clips.

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