Don’t you just hate it when some shit-head parks too close to your car?

Well imagine how annoying it would be if TWO shit-heads tried the same trick, preventing you from getting into your vehicle.

You’d be pretty pissed off, huh?

That’s exactly what happened when internet joker Joey Salads decided to play a hilarious prank on an unsuspecting victim. The guy came back from buy groceries to discover it was impossible to drive away.

“How the f*** am I supposed to get in my car, bro?” he raged.

“Go through the moon roof,” came the answer.

The resulting video has since gone viral, notching up hundreds of thousands of plays.  Needless to say, nearly it all ended in tears when the victim decided to pour a drum of milk over his tormentor’s head.

Watch it below – and enjoy.

* If you like crazy shit then head to, the anti-social where there are thousands of great videos plus live interactive TV. 

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