Most people probably think of sheep as being cute and friendly  – but here’s one ram that’s fearless and quite frankly a psycho.

The four-legged creature is shown attacking a dirt biker in an amazing viral video that’s doing the rounds on social media.

In the footage that was filmed with a camera on the rider’s helmet, you can see him biking up a hill when an innocent looking ram appears in the middle of the track.

The rider attempts to divert around it slowly, but as the bike makes the slightest move backwards the ram sees it as a sign of weakness and charges.

The terrified biker drops his machine and tells the ram to f**k off. But the sheep just keeps attacking and eventually the guy shits himself and and is chased back down the hill.

Watch the hilarious video below. Meanwhile, go to, where there are thousands of crazy clips plus live interactive web TV.

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