Here kitty kitty! Welcome to the amazing world of lion whisperer Kevin Richardson, who’s become an internet sensation thanks to his incredible affinity with big cats.

Kevin, from Pretoria in South Africa, rejects the traditional idea that lions can be tamed through training and domination. Instead he says he prefers to develop a relationship with the animals over time, based on love and respect.

Kevin said: “A lion is not a possession – it’s a sentient being, so you must pay attention and develop your bond like with any relationship.”

If you don’t believe him take a peek at the video below, which has run up over 33 million hits over the last 12 months – making Kevin a very big beast in his own right on social media.

The footage shows Big Kev doing virtually everything with lions, apart from sticking his head into their mouths. Way to go Kev – we haven’t been this excited since Tarzan invited us to admire his nuts!

* Truly amazing, watch the incredible footage here and if you like crazy videos head over to, where there are thousands of great clips to choose from, plus live pranks, dares and general mayhem.

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