The Scary Snowman is a character that pranksters have been using to scare the crap out of people in parts of the USA for years.

At first glance you might think he’s either a real snowman or a statue that’s been placed on the sidewalk for Christmas. The only strange thing is that he’s got an extremely grumpy face that makes him look like an ice monster.

The prank revolves around making people’s heart skip a beat when the fiend strikes by making sudden movement. Over the years there have been plenty of unbelievable reactions captured on YouTube, including men screaming like schoolgirls and people jumping like gazelles.

Now the top 50 moments have been complied in one viral video, which ends fittingly with a guy knocking out the Scary Snowman!

Watch the video below – and for more clips go to Don’t forget also that you can watch free live TV on the web throughout Christmas and all year at

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