Beyoncé has been confirmed as the number one female earner in the music world.

The astonishing wealth of the 33-year-old singer has been revealed by Forbes in their latest celebrity analysis.

Music, fashion and other commercial ventures have lifted Beyoncé’s wealth to over £290m.

Ginger Clam wonders if hubby Jay-Z still wears the trousers in the relationship – we were shocked to discover the remarkable list of business interests that Beyoncé has kept largely hidden from the public.

The singer has a women’s fashion line, a junior apparel label and a shoe company. Yet she still seems to forget to wear barely any clothes in her hot videos.

Mega bucks Boo also has deals with Pepsi, American Express, Nintendo DS and L’Oréal.

This year Beyoncé earned more than £73m alone. Her latest album and Mrs Carter Show tour added to the earnings from her commercial ventures.

As Jay-Z will testify, the sexy performer smells rather tasty as well – she has the biggest-selling celebrity fragrance of 2014.

The perfume is called Rise – Ginger Clam wonders if the perfume was named after the reaction it has on Jay-Z’s neither regions when he catches a whiff.

It has sold more than 750,000 units in the UK alone. It probably doesn’t smell of a Ginger Clam. Which is a shame.

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