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It’s official; the next white dude to replace David Letterman in late night television is none other than Stephen Colbert.

The political comedian will make his transition to network television sometime in 2015, effectively taking over The Late Show on CBS. Until then he will finish out the next eight months at Comedy Central doing what looks to be the last season of The Colbert Report.

All of this follows the trending hashtag, #CancelColbert, that was started by activist Suey Park after an offending tweet that was sent from Colbert’s official twitter account.

While Park got what she wanted, so did plenty of other people as well, including Colbert himself.

The news broke early Thursday afternoon.

Most are excited, even if it is just another white dude.

Some will miss Colbert’s political satire.

It’s obvious that no one can get rid of the man, despite a later timeslot.

Did CBS do this to make amends with HIMYM fans?

The power of the hashtag is getting unreal.

We’re still curious, will he bring his persona with him?

Will there even be any backlash?

Even God is excited about this.

But Colbert knows he has work to get to.

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