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The Current Coolest Rock Couple?  Sting and Paul Simon!

The newly minted duo recently kicked off their Live Nation’s ‘On Stage Together’ tour which will have them touring North America until the end of March. These two accomplished gents recently played at the just renovated Forum in LA.

The two longtime pals, actual neighbors in their New York City apartments, strutted the stage like young men in their 20s.  Real ages? Simon is 72 and Sting is 62! Yet, they’ve never sounded better. Their iconic voices and rock style transfixed the adoring crowd for almost three hours.

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It was a simple show by rock standards; no smoke and mirrors, just red mood lighting and a stage full of the most talented musicians around.  The two men sang alone and together, and collaborated and transitioned seamlessly. Confident Sting and energetic Simon were just the coolest. The ex-Police frontman looking tres buff in a gray tight shirt and black and gray tight pants, and Simon looking like the native Queens boy he is — they never stopped engaging the crowd.

Simon first told the enthralled audience, “Welcome to our little experiment of putting our voices and bands together.  I think it sounds pretty good, don’t you?” Prompting enthusiastic applause.   The pair then did Sting’s hit, “Brand New Day.”

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Simon followed by joking, “I think we’re learning a bit about each other.  At the end of this tour I’ll have the body of an Adonis and have sex for years on end.  How about you Sting?”

Sting retorted, “I’m staying the same.” The duo then did a spirited version of “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic.” From then on, the duo did solo hits, songs together and Sting even sang a good ole country song. He explained, “Being an Englishman, one of my fantasies — dreams, really — was to write a country song. One day I sent a song, ‘I Hung My Head,’ to Johnny Cash and he recorded it.  If I ever needed vindication that I could write a country song, this is it.”

Simon then went on to sing, “Mother and Child Reunion,” and commented, “It’s good to be back in LA. I feel like all we’re missing is Magic Johnson and Jack Nicholson.” The biggest standing ovations of the night were for two beloved classics: Simon’s “Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard,” and Sting’s Roxanne.”

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Sting later asked Simon to politely leave the stage to which he then said, “I want to say what a great honor it is to have me share the stage with Paul. His body of work is both awe inspiring and humbling at the same time.  The first time I came to the States I was in my mid-20s and my band I rented a broken down van, drove across the country, stayed in cheap hotels and played to mostly empty clubs.“

Sting then went on to do his rendition of Simon’s “All Come To Look For America.” Their encore ended with a beautiful rendition of “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” Live Nation’s respected CEO Arthur Fogel, who is responsible for revolutionizing the global concert touring industry, hosted assorted VIPs including Jane Fonda and her man, the esteemed rock producer Richard Perry, Rob Morrow, Rod Stewart and his wife Penny, Josh Groban, Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen, Paul Reiser, Leonard Nimoy, denim guru Paige Adams-Geller and her businessman husband Michael, Marilu Henner, power couple manager Keith Addis and producer Keri Selig and noted criminal defense attorney and parole expert Jared Eisenstat. Live Nation always gets it just right and this tour is no exception. Really, Sting and Simon? How can you go wrong?

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